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One Last Push is a mind-bending story of addiction and insanity, perfect for readers who enjoy gritty, cerebral, thought-provoking science fiction.

Hollis is a nuvem addict, a lowlife rejected by society, living only for his next high. But now he may have discovered the secret to saving his entire planet from utter destruction. Is it reality or another hallucination? And if it’s true, can he find the strength to do what needs to be done?

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   Th' Garj. A city nestled in a deep crevasse, hidden from the killing-sun. It is a free and lawless culture, unique in all of human space, a city of countless buildings and walkways bound to the Rift walls and stacked on top of each other.

   But it will all come to a catastrophic demise in five days when a cosmic event ends all life in th' Garj. As the countdown grows ever nearer to what the Garjens refer to as the "Big Party," the city spirals further into chaos.

   Hollis navigates his way through the unbridled celebrations and declining social order intending only to scheme, cheat, and steal his way to the next push. But he makes a startling discovery, a secret revealing the true nature of not only th' Garj, but of reality itself. A truth, that if wielded properly, just might save th' Garj.

   But can he believe what he has witnessed when he can't even trust his own drug-addled thoughts? Or, as everyone has always suspected, has he finally broken his mind?

One Last Push - Book Cover
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   In the distant future, humanity has evolved the technology to listen to the whispers of the Universe itself. The Aware Universe revealed the knowledge to remake the human form, perfecting their bodies and minds, and inadvertently create their own gods.


   After falling to their knees in worship of their own creations, humanity soon realized their gods were flawed and hindered with very human emotions such as greed, lust, and rage. The humans rebelled, waging the most destructive war humanity has known, the Deluge, which lasted thousands of years, washing over the populated worlds. It remade the landscape of human civilization forever, leaving it in ruins and clinging to a handful of desolate worlds and ancient, artificial habitats. 


   Six thousand years after the death of the last god and the end of the Deluge, a simple-minded orphan boy on a cold, barren planet receives a message in a dream. A message from a black hole…  

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Michael Olmstead is a science fiction author who grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi. He moved to Oxford Mississippi to attend college at Ole Miss. He finally settled in Palm Coast, Florida where he completed his debut novel, A Constant Jonathan. When he's not writing, he can be found floating in the ocean or the pool with his lovely wife, Crystal, or hanging out with his dogs, Zeus & Flint, who are good boys that love to fetch and snuggle, but haven't yet shared their feedback on Michael's new book. 

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